Monday, June 19, 2017

Stay Safe With 4 Propane Tank Tips!

With summer fast approaching, we can practically smells the burgers and hot dogs! In fact, every Tuesday at our main location we fire up the grill and provide a free lunch for all our loyal clients. It is a great way for us to show how much our clients mean to us while eating delicious food. But what is the key to out-of-this-world BBQ? The key behind making a good juicy burger or perfect cooked hot dog is a full tank of propane.

If you have a gas grill in your backyard, you have had to fill up your share of propane tanks just around dinner time. Before you rush off to the nearest store or Matthey Service Station,  remember some of these important safety tips!

  1. Always turn off the tank when it is not in use. If you even detect a foul odor coming from the tank that is a sign to turn it off immediately and avoid lighting any match near it. Propane is extremely flammable, so keep all your grill tools far away from it to ensure you stay safe.

  1. Every time you use a new propane tank make sure you check for leaks immediately (Even if it comes for us!). You do this by using a simple solution of soap or detergent mixed in water. Dip a washcloth in the solution and wipe the rubber tubing with the washcloth. If you see bubbles forming on the rubber tubing, then your rubber tubing is leaking. Never attempt to patch a leaking rubber tube. Instead, purchase a replacement.  

  1. Always store your propane tank outdoors. It is so important to never store your propane tanks in enclosed spaces, such as your garage or basement. Along with being in an open space, always keep propane in an upright position and away from any source of heat and direct sunlight.

  1. Always transport a propane tank in the standing position! When coming home from our service station, secure the tank securely with a rope. Never use a metal chain to secure the propane tank because metal hitting metal can produce a spark which could be disastrous if there is a leak!

Whether you are firing up the grill or using it in an engine, always be safe when using propane! If you need to refill your tank or have more detailed questions, stop by Matthey Service Station and don’t forget to head over to our main location for a delicious BBQ lunch every Tuesday this summer at noon!  

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