Monday, November 7, 2016

Demand for Alternative Fuel Vehicles on the Rise

All it takes is a drive to the local Whole Foods supermarket and other environmentally conscious stores, to find new, designated parking spots/ electric stations for hybrid & electric cars. Even many gas stations are now adding alternative fueling areas. This increase in popularity has furthered the debate about the future of alternative fuel vehicles.

The big debate about alternative fuel cars has been around for many years. With so many types, it can be hard to decipher which type of vehicle is right to buy and if it is worth it. Whether it is electric, biodiesel, methanol and gasoline blends, ethanol or hydrogen, the technology for each of these types of alternative fuels has improved exponentially in the past decade.

One of the most popular options for alternative fuel cars is the hybrid. Hybrid vehicles use two sources, one electric and one gas, to power the car. While they can save their owners money and contribute to helping the environment, hybrid vehicles are NOT maintenance free. Rather, they present their own set of maintenance issues because they provide areas for needed maintenance from both gas and electric motors. Not every traditional auto repair shop has experience and knowledge in repairing such vehicles, leaving customers stuck with going to the dealer for repairs. At Matthey Automotive, we are dedicated to alternative fuels and repairing alternative fuel vehicles. We provide customers with a knowledgeable staff helping with all maintenance needs.

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