Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Warming Up Your Car In Cold Weather

As we inch closer towards the end of the year, the days are growing shorter and the weather is growing colder. Getting into a freezing car first thing in the morning is an unpleasant experience, so most of us choose to start our engines and let them idle till they warm up. 
Contrary to popular belief, this is not good for your engine. Letting your car idle actually decreases your engines life by stripping oil away from the engine’s cylinders and pistons. The life of a vehicles piston rings and cylinder liners can be significantly reduced by gasoline washing away the lubricating oil. "The Environmental Protection Agency lines up with those who say warming up your car is not only not helpful but is wasteful."
Even though you may have to throw on a scarf and gloves before leaving in the morning, driving your car is the fastest way to warm up the engine. Yes, you’re going to be cold during the first few minutes it takes for the radiator to warm up and start blowing warm air. But, you'll be saving yourself fuel, time, and money! 

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